I forget the password for my new kocaso hw700?

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I forget the password for my new kocaso hw700?. Are You sir & mam own this kind of inquiry?, If do then please read the answer below:\r\n

How do i overcome this problem


Answers for this question:

Hard reset Kocaso m736:

1. Make sure power is turn off.
2. Press and hold power button and volume up button till the display screen shown.
3. When the display screen appear release the button.
4. Select all data given on the display and delete all.
5. Restart your tablet.


Maxxspy The Intrusion alerts inform you when the wrong PIN number or SMS command is entered on the device. And finally you can set up Custom alerts that will inform you whenever the keywords you entered are used or received on the smartphone. .


I would suggest that you try to recover your gmail password by following the instructions in your gmail password recovery section. there is Ann option where a code can be sent to your mobile phone. you can enter this code and change to a new password.


When you register an account on nimbuzz you are required to put in your email address. You just need to go here : then put in your name name and nimbuzz will tell you for the next thing to do.


Well he should try to contact administrator to explain his problem, but it should allow you to change the password i don`t know why it doesn`t.


Can not get line to move when reset to factory screen comes up volume controls work when running but will not move the highlited line.


Hard reset the tablet by pressing Volume Up and Home Key and Power Key while tablet is off.


I Forgot may Password in yahoo Messenger.