I forgot my password of ky-calc?

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I forgot my password of ky-calc?. Do You Mrs or Mr has this kind of question?, If yes then plz found the best answer right after below:\r\n

How to crack password of kycalc


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Try to sign in to your google account in order to resolve the password issue. If don`t have the google account or you can`t access it then you need to do a hard reset. It will delete all your saved files so a back up copy is recommended. Be sure that you will charge first your device not less than 80%. Turn off your tablet. Press and hold this buttins (volume up and power button ) or (volume down and power button ) at the same time until the recovery screen will show. By using the volume key you can scroll to wipe data /factory reset and push piwer button to select. Do the same to yes—delete all name data. Choose the reboot system now and wait for your tablet to turn on.


I am not sure which tablet you are using but you may folow the steps below for resetting an Android tablet.

1. Turn off the tablet.
2. Press and hold volume up and power
3. Once you have an Android logo, just let go
4. Select Wipe data by pressing the power and volume keys to navigate the options.
5. Reboot after and the tablet will be unlocked.


You need to speak with your dad to open up the account with his password. It will be easier to retrieve the account that way and will not mess with your dad`s account. I am pretty sure he will understand. Cheers!


Why not just break windows password?I know a reset tool called winodws password reset is very usefull. .






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