I forgot my password on mt next book?

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I forgot my password on mt next book?. Are You Mrs or Mr own that kind of query?, If do then plz found the good soution below this line:

Hi i for got my password on my next book

larry m19

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When you go to Facebook.com and you see where you log in ay click on “forgot password” once you do that they will ask for your email address and maybe a phone number and they might ask questions to make sure it is you. I have been through this a couple of times. But more than likely they will just ask for.your email and once they have that they will send it to the email that you gave them. You will then go to.your email and open the message you got from them you click on the option that you want and you can reset the password if you want and once the process is complete it wi either log you in or you cam just go back to Facebook.com and log in with your email and new password.


You will have to do a factory reset in your Sylvania netbook. At the lower right corner of the data plate on your netbook`s back, look for a small pinhole. Look closely for a small sign that says “RESET”. Go and get a toothpick or a small wire and push down on it until the display on your netbook go dark. Hold down on it for about 15 seconds and then reboot your machine. Your netbook should be on while doing this reset.


Hello if you are using windwos os. Microsoft Support Engineers cannot help you retrieve passwords of files and features in Microsoft products that are lost or forgotten. For more information regarding this policy please refer to the sticky below
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You can reset your password via your email id which you had given in for facebook account. just login with facebook. if password is wrong, they will allow you to reset your password with your email id. then they ll sent a reset code to your email. use that code and you can change your facebook password. Thankyou.


The best would be to make your facebook password the same as your gmail password, then you can`t forget it.. Easiest for now is to click on “forgot my password” on your facebook.


Just click on the “Forgot Password?” located in the login page of facebook. Then, type your e-mail address and submit it…then facebook will send your password through you e-mail.


I would contact customer support. it may be locked now from you trying it several times also they can reset your password so you will be safe for sure.


Check for your security question you used while opening the account and answer it.


Try resetting it or call the iphone provider so they could help u retrive it.