I get authentication problem message when i try to log onto my tablet?

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I get authentication problem message when i try to log onto my tablet?. Do You misses or mister own that kind of inquiry?, If do then plz get the answer below this line:\r\n

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In my home network setup, when the wireless protocol was set as Mixed WPA2/WPA-PSK, initially all wireless devices (2 laptops, 3 tablets, 2 smartphones) could be connected. However, after disconnecting any wireless device, all attempts at reconnection failed, unless the router and the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) were rebooted. My Lenovo tablet, iPad, Xiaomi phone, iPhone and other portable Wi-Fi devices reported an authentication problem. This process of rebooting the router and ONT had to be repeated every time one of the devices was disconnected.

However, when the wireless protocol was changed to WEP-Shared (64-bit), there was no problem connecting and the router and ONT did not have to be rebooted even after disconnecting the wireless devices.

Of course, this is not a permanent solution since the security level is minimal, but at least it gets the wireless network connecting again.


This authentication problem is needs to be set up it`s required needed settings. For you to be able get authenticated your WiFi connection, Make sure your time and date settings in your tablet is in current date and time where you reside. For example like this one, Philippines GMT+8 Manila City time, Philippines. Then set time 08:30 AM.
Then after that check the auto update of time so that no errors will come encounter again.
Now, after set up the date and time settings, get in your tab, turn off for a while. Then after turn back on. After reloading files, connect your WiFi connection, encode the correct password to be authenticated. And by this time it will get into success. Try this one. You will be get connected.


Most likely the IP address is wrong. Check it to see if it is right or was typed in wrong. If that does not work call your local provider and ask them. Whether it is cell phone carrier or cable they should have the right IP address. Even your computer will have one. Check that one too. Hope that works, good luck.


If you are using Windows 7 Goto Control Panel -> Network & sharing -> Change Adapter Setting . In Wireless option select proper security type & key in the password that is in the router. It will work.


Please check the firewall in your system or disable the firewall and windows firwall too.


My blackberry id is not working it keep on say aunthicating when i log in.

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