i have a microamx a111 phone?

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i have a microamx a111 phone?. Do You sir & mam has that kind of inquiry?, If do then please check the solution right after this line:

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You can use the applications that allow conference call. One of the most common and easiest to use is skype. You can just create a log-in detail there and then add your contacts. Create a window which includes all the contacts that you`d like to do a conference call with. That should be it. You will see in that window who are the participants in the conference call. Also, in case one of the participants gets dropped, it will show as well. You just need to call them through the group and they will be back in the conference call.

Other popular conference call apps that you may want to install are the following:


Here`s how to pair Bluetooth HM1100 to your device

Standard Pairing

1.Power on the Samsung headset by pressing and holding the talk button

2.Violet light indicator will turn on and will switch to pairing mode

3.Turn on your device`s Bluetooth connection and search for the headset

Go to “Settings”> “Wireless & Network”> “Bluetooth” >Turn on Discovery mode and search for devices

4.Select “HM1100” from the list of devices

5.When ask for the PIN, enter “0000” to pair and connect the headset to your device

6.Wait for your headset and phone to be connected



Hard Reset/ factory Reset method
Press and hold Volume UP Power key along for 15-20 seconds.
Now, press the ‘Volume UP’ button to enter into the recovery mode.

You see Boot Menu on Screen (recovery options). Use the volume up and down button to select the choice (Touchscreen won`t work here).
Select wipe data / factory reset and press power key to verify.

select yes — delete all name data and press power key to verify.

Now your phone can get switch and can be back to its original stage.


Regarding on your question, If you forgot your unlock code of the phone you can try to login your gmail account since the phone run android operating system. Just enter lock code for 5 times and it
will ask you to login in order to
proceed with home screen and to
set a new password.


No you don`t need to hear the sound. Just follow this:

Turn off your phone. Once it`s off press and hold volume up button, now turn on your phone while holding volume up, keep on holding it until the recovery menu appears, now you may release it and choose wipe data/factory reset. When all done you can now reboot your phone.


Signin your google account to unlock your phone. If you have no internet access then you have to factory reset your phone. While off press and hold volume up + power button. When a logo appears release power button but keep holding volume up. A recovery should appear, just choose Wipe data/Factory Reset then reboot your device.


I forgot my google namename and password for watsap and my phone is now locked.would you plz help?


Download apps from play store cll block may b it help u,,.


I lost my sim card.