I have Bell Fibe and I was curious about what the USB 2.0 port on the PVR is used for, can you help me?

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I have Bell Fibe and I was curious about what the USB 2.0 port on the PVR is used for, can you help me?. Do You guys has that kind of inquiry?, If yes then please check the good answer right after below:

I enjoy my PVR immensely , but to date I have never used the USB 2.0 that is located right in front of it and I have been a Bell Fibe customer for a few years now and I have no clue what it is used for.


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Your Bell TV must be capable of playing a video or audio file from a USB device like a USB storage dongle or an external hard drive which has a plug where you can plug it into the TV. Frm the TV you can select the video or audio file that you want from the USB device and play it in your Bell TV. Just read the Bell TV`s name manual about it so that you can learn more about your Bell TV.


You can use a splitter but the thing is that the channel of all TV`s if you are going to use it simultenously will be the same. The receiver is what controls everything and since all the TV`s are connected on the same receiver then it means that the programming will just be through there, If that is OK with you then a splitter would work of you can get a 3 new receiver so that you can watch different channels on your TV`s at the same time.


Hi CanadaQuestions! Let me help you. The wiring preferred for installing connection from Bell Fiber Modem to the Bell Whole Home PVR is coaxial wiring. You can find more information on installing the connection here. – .


P.S I currently do not have any receivers. Would the Whole Home PVR be connected to the Bell Fibe Modem via Coaxial cable and then from the whole home pvr to the other receivers via coaxial?

Modem —(Coaxial)—Whole Home PVR—(Coaxial)—HD Recievers.


Most likely it is for Cruiser or Pendrives. It has the capability to read files like videos, music and photos. Just make sure that the pendrive is on Fat32 file format. If not then there is a large change that it will not be read. Just format the Pendrive to Fat32 and that should work.


On average there is about a 15% variance in advertised speed and that which you will actually achieve. Plus it helps if you live close to the bell nodes(servers).


It is a coaxial cable. That is a cable connection from your modem to that home pvr. Cheers!


If it has a sd card put it on that and put the sd card in the computer.