I have bought neo sat dish receiver having wifii?

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I have bought neo sat dish receiver having wifii?. Are You Mr or Mrs own this kind of problem?, If yes then plz check the best solution right after this line:

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Hi my name is Mike H. a Social Media Representative at DISH and I am happy to answer your questions today. The cards that are in the receivers are for that specific receiver (Smartcards). We do have our Snowbird accounts where a customer has their winter home and they will put the services on hold and restart them at their summer home.


Hi! Thank you for choosing our site to answer your question! If you are trying to set up on two different tv`s when you only have one box, you would need to use s splitter. The only downside is that you will not get the same amount as channels as you do off the tv with the receiver. I hope this answered your question!


Link here is about the dish network receiver 625. You can also download the product brochure and manual here. There are four methods options here to use.
here is the link:


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If your unit power on and can not receive channel,you need to call your service network provider for activation of your rights, while if it doesn`.t power on cal ltechnician to examine your unit.



Yes you need to call Dish. They will guide you to set up the new receiver that you have. Since they are the experts on this they can tell you what to do and you can avoid messing with the receiver.


If you’re living in an area where you will get the Eastern Arch satellites, you will need to have our DPP 1000.4 EA Triple LNBF. It will give you the satellites of; 77, 72.7, 61.5.


No you can not, there two whole different monitors, the reciever isnt programed to run the netflix, your xbox is.


Hi. If you are using a multi switch then yes you can use 2 dishes on your tv.


Try switching the wires around. Maybe you have them plug in the wrong slot.


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