I have for gotten my pass word to my ipad minni?

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I have for gotten my pass word to my ipad minni?. Do You mam own this kind of question?, If do then plz check the best tips right after this line:

Answers for this question:

Send it to technician and unlock.


To hard reset and Ipad all you need is to.

1. Turn off the Device
2. Press the Vol + and the Power button at the same time
3. Then options will be shown, use the vol + and – to navigate between the choices
4. Select Wipe Data / Factory reset
5. Press the power button again to OK
6. Then go to name data and delete again
7. Press OK and the device will restart.


Hi friend, go surf your I pad, go to settings, enter your old password, then select disabled restrictions, then re-type your new restrictions password, then click enable restrictions.


No, there is no way for you to change the password of a droid or any phone by any means other than having the device yourself to change the password.


Try a hard reset. turn off the phone and then press volume down home power. it will reset the phone back to its factory settings.


Call apple and give them your info and secret question with Apple ID and they will reset your password.


I seriously don`t have any idea . how am i supposed to know im only 13!!!!! duhhhh.


Connect to itunes and click on `forgot password` a link would be sent to ur mail.


With tools from www.PasswordCracker.me maybe.