I have i ddd of feb 18th and i know it was a holiday yesterday so will that afect ddd?

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I have i ddd of feb 18th and i know it was a holiday yesterday so will that afect ddd?. Are You guys own that kind of inquiry?, If do then please check the answer right after this line:\r\n

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Provided here is a sample draft of letter that you can use as a pattern on constructing your own letter for a certain request.


Re: Unpaid Holiday Work

Dear (To Whom It May Concern),

Good day! This is regarding on my unpaid holiday work. I am writing this letter to request for payment you owe me for working in two (2) weeks holiday. I worked for those dates however I was only paid for a week which is equivalent to 40 hours.
I have not received my payment for my holiday work with the corresponding value of 80 hours since it is double pay when working on a holiday.

I hope you can provide an immediate response regarding my concern.


[Name] state your name here
[Signature] then your signature

You can do such changes in this letter. It is only a guide for you to construct you own.


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Well, it`s kind of late to answer this question since it is after the holiday season, but Jackson Hewitt doesn`t seem to be doing those loans anymore. They are referring people to banks or credit unions to get a small personal loan.

There are new tax law changes daily. I don`t think they were able to off the holiday loan due to some of these changes.

Thank you for your question, and have a good day!


They did a holiday loans last years`s early November 2012, but as of now Jackson-Hewitt still doesn`t have offerings for this season. According to their Facebook page ” They are still finalizing the offerings for this season.”

You should watch out for their offering, Go to the nearest Jackson-Hewitt office or visit to their latest offerings.


Maybe she has a boyfriend or maybe something happened and she doesnt feel like talking to anyone at the moment. if you have her number try and text her and ask her whats wrong.


No – they have to have the same holidays as everyone else – sorry.