I have lost all my information to log into my account for work and it doesnt recognize my email?

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I have lost all my information to log into my account for work and it doesnt recognize my email?. Do You mam & sir own that kind of concern?, If do then plz check the good answer right after this line:\r\n

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I have lost all my information to log into my account for work and it doesnt recognize my email? Lost my id info, my password info and my email isnt being recognized for my walmartone work account how do i recovery or make a new one.


To recognize your namename and password on your bellsouth email account,
maybe you need to configure your bellsouth email, or set-up settings.
Try this to your email set-up:
>>>>Undet Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars

>>Host Name : pop.att.yahoo.com

>>name Name : nameName @bellsouth.net

>>Password: +your e-mail account password+


>>SMTP: mail.bellsouth.net

>>name NAme; leave blank or optional

>>Password: Leave blank or optional


>>Server Port 25

**Under Advanved setting back at top level for Incoming server


>>Server Port 995

Hope it helps.
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Hello doironw.

First of all, please do make sure that the one you are using is working properly and please do make sure you 3g or wifi connection is currently active or is working. It may also be possible that you are having the incorrect settings for this. To fix this issue, please do try these links and follow the instructions, steps and settings carefully and accurately:

OR :


I do hope this helps and fixes your problem.


In order for you to send emails again using your email, please try to do the following steps provided:

-Please go to “Settings”
-Turn on all available SMTP servers
-Tap “Settings” icon
-Go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
-Under “Accounts” choose the name of the account you want to use to send emails.
-scroll to “Outgoing Mail Server”, press on the SMTP
-While in there just turn on all other SMTP Servers

If this does not work, try deleting your account and adding it again. Usually, that will fix the problem.Hope this helps you.


Yes it can, and you will need some patience.
If you are using iCloud then try restoring from ICloud over WiFi.If not then visit the sites indicated below.
Please visit the ehow.com website and they will explain it to you in detail with all possible options.
You should also visit macworld.com & search through thier forums / help pages.


Have you tried deleting your account? If not, then please do so as it might help you solve your problem. On your Settings, go to > Mail then > Contacts > tap Calendars > Select your Account > DELETE. You can try doing this twice. After re adding your Account, turn your Ipad off. It should work fine after that.


Hello! Thank you for choosing our site to answer your question! Try deleting and re-adding your account. This usually does the trick. But, if for some reason that does not work, plug your ipad into your computer and try syncing it! I hope that this helps! Good luck!


You can contact MyBro Customer Service and ask them that you forgot or you don`t know your SRN and account number.Just provide your name and other details that they will ask from you and they`ll give you your mybro information.


Please check the outgoing mail server of your Ipad

Make sure that on the email settings of the Ipad , the incoming and the outgoing mail server is set up based on the servers given to you by bellshouth.


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