I have silver ring stamped 925 and stamped with a C inside a circle then stamped EC can someone tell me about this ring?

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I have silver ring stamped 925 and stamped with a C inside a circle then stamped EC can someone tell me about this ring?. Are You mam & sir has that kind of question?, If yes then please read the good answer right after this line:\r\n

Need to know what kind of ring I have


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I believe the mark you describe is a makers mark. I`ve recovered two gold rings while metal detecting that bear what looks like a `bullseye` mark you describe, or maybe a C with dot and also lack a Karat stamp, this points to the items being made prior to early 20th C. and were recovered at homesites abandoned around that period.
Despite much research on jewelery mark websites, I have not been able to Identify this mark. let me know if this mark matches yours please.


It is hard to tell if it is gold or silver or other type of metal. The best way is to bring it to a jeweler. Does the ring look faded? or got slightly darkened? Most likely when the ring darkened due to exposure with air, sure thing your ring is silver. Because when gold faded it`s plating, it will come back to it`s natural color which is yellowish. Because gold is naturally yellow. If it is high in purity the yellower it will be.
I suggest that you should bring it to a jeweler to have a look on it and appraise it.
Hope it helps!


I forgot to tell you that the c2 that was stamped inide your ring might be because of the cubic zirconium. Do you have a stone on your ring? It is CZ is a cubic zirconia it`s a type of Zircon stone it`s used to imitate diamonds in silver and cheap gold jewellery. It might not hold a great value but it has all the sparkle.


The 85 means that it was probably inspected by number 85. the “C” probably notes that it was the third in a series of rings produced on that line. the other hallmark stamp could be a company stamp.


TG stamped in your amethyst ring is a trademark of true gold which means that the jeweler mark it as a real gold not like the gold platted available in the market.


Tiffany Collection Engagement Ring .