I have tenda wireless n3 router. but not it shows not connected. how to fix this problem?

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I have tenda wireless n3 router. but not it shows not connected. how to fix this problem?. Are You mam has that kind of query?, If do then please get the solution right after below:

Answers for this question:

If the only LED lit up is the red power icon, there might be a hardware issue or device malfunction. Try doing the steps below before anything.

1. Make sure that the 9V DC power adapter is properly plugged in.

2. Turn the router off for 10 seconds and it turn it on once done to check if the router recovers. If the power still red and no other icons lit.

3. Press the “RESET” button or hole on the back of the router for 7 seconds to restore the Router to default settings.

4. Observe the LED`s lit. Once the device is powered on for a few seconds, the SYS indicator will be turned on. If it is not and only power LED lit but still red, you could have a hardware problem and should contact the router manufacturer.


Inorder for you to login to the router`s page you need to type on your address bar it will ask for a namename and a password for namename type there “admin” and password still “admin”

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Open Start. Input cmd. Choose Enter. It would lead you to the command prompt. Input the ipconfig. Then you choose enter to view the internal IP address. Several options would be listed on the Win&. You have to look for the references for the wireless connection to check if it could match with same first three set on your desktop.


There are such factors why you cannot connect to your tenda wireless router. One factor is misconfiguration. Open your tenda web software and access the wireless settings and enable it. And then use default setting in your wireless settings and then try to connect again your macbook by way of usb wireless router.


Call the company and give them the info on your router.


Ask your retailer . your problem is complicated.