I have this message on g2a.com when i try to connect to my account : Your account has been blocked due to suspicious activity?

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I have this message on g2a.com when i try to connect to my account : Your account has been blocked due to suspicious activity?. Do You Mr or Mrs has that kind of question?, If do then plz found the good feedback below:\r\n

Answers for this question:

Most likely, those are spam emails. Usually this happen when someone is trying to squeeze some personal information from you especially those credit cards thingy. I highly advice to avoid such emails, because they are using a masked email addresses, Yahoo Mail or Staff of Yahoo never ask for such personal information. If it is bugging you, I suggest to report it at yahoo and mark it as spam.

If you wish to changed your password which has been locked out, then kindly go to this site.

You will be prompt which way you wish to use to recover or change the password. Such as secret question or via mobile phone (SMS).


If you receive a message that you have a suspicious activity while you are trying to log in, its because maybe you have :

>>Spam is being sent from your email address
>>Your account has been logged into from multiple locations
>>Abnormal international usage

To retrieve it again, its either you need to call them here at : 1-855-622-4946 or

You need to reset your password here at :

And to know more about re-activating AOL account wether its paid or free account , just go in this link:



You most likely received this pop-up because unusual activity has been detected on your account.

Unusual activity is usually indicated by one or more of the following:

Spam is being sent from your email address
Your account has been logged into from multiple locations
Abnormal international usage
To protect your account, AOL temporarily suspends your access until you can confirm your personal information.

Should you receive this pop-up window, please follow any onscreen instructions provided or attempt one of the following:

Reset your password
Contact Member Services at 1-877-786-0722, Monday through Friday, from 8AM to 10PM ET.


The common reason why your facebook are being blocked is because you tried to log it in different IP addres (outside the country) or you used a proxy to log in your facebook account. You can fix this by logging in on your original IP address or computer and then if you see the message “Someone tried to login your account in “this country” etc etc” Just click the option “It`s ok”. then follow the instruction next to it.


Hi there, maybe you have violated some rules at facebook (changing ip, posting malicious things, scamming other people) I suggest you email their service support and tell them how many days does your ban last and try to give them a sincere apology to your behavior. Facebook is very understandable and maybe they will reactivate your account. Hope that helps.


This is an account for what? Facebook, Twoo or Myspace? Websites have their terms, conditions and policies. You just need to abide to their rules in order for you to keep your account. Just contact the administrator of the site and ask him about your concern.


Try to click i forget the password then choose your question did you put before,or another your email and then put the code in the list.


Its could because your adding to much people or post to much pictures or post on to many peoplempages.


This happened to one of my friends once and it was sorted about a week later.


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