I just bought a new samung note 4?

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I just bought a new samung note 4?. Are You mam and sir has that kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz read the best answer right after below:

I need to set my voicemail. can you help?


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Hello! If you forgot your password your only option is to do hard reset and all your data will be deleted. Here`s how; Hold volume UP and power button and home button simultaneously. Release home button while still holding volume up and power button. A boot up screen will pop up. Use volume keys to select press home button to select.



Does it just not even show that its charging, or does it say that it is charging, but the battery still is low? if its not even showing a charging icon, it may be the connector the the cord plugs into. If it shows the charging icon, but the battery is still dead, it may be the battery itself.


Have you using a third party application for camera? IF yes, try to uninstall it first then open the phone camera. If didn`t work try to do a factory reset. Back up first your phone then do a factory reset then run camera.


Either there is something wrong with your charger or the phone first buy another charger and try it and if it dont work then you know its something wrong with your samsung.


We need more details on the phone you bought. With what you told us it could be a good high quality or a crappy low quality.


It stands for long term evolution and its the feature that allows u to connect to the 4G network..


I really need help here… I know nothing about electronics etc etc.


Try updating your OS maybe theres a bug in your curent OS.