I just passed my Driving Test – im going on holiday to South Africa in a week, can i rent a car?

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I just passed my Driving Test – im going on holiday to South Africa in a week, can i rent a car?. Do You sir and mam own that kind of concern?, If yes then please read the solution below:\r\n

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It all depends on what the rules for South Africa are, as not all countries follow the same rules re age and time passed etc, You could check on line.


For us brits, you have to be over 18 and have held a full licence for over a year, i think. That`s what it used to be anyway. I`ve included some sites below. I don`t know if it would cost more to hire in London than outside. It may be the case, but you might end up spending more in travelling to hire than you save by hiring away from London. So send them an email and find out. I don`t know what sort of countryside you are used to. I would visit Wales and Scotland if you can. Both have nice accents, or you might find yourself not believing they are actually speaking english if you go to Glasgow, in Scotland. It is a very `thick` accent. South wales has the beaches and is generally more `touristy`. I spent every holiday of my youth in south Wales. Check out the little town of Mumbles, just west of Swansea. That is where Micheal Douglas`s wife came from. I can`t remember her name… The welsh are very friendly people. Also check out `The Lake District` in north England, if you like flowing green hills and valleys. Oh, and of course lakes.
Scotland has some amazing countryside too. Hill, mountains, lakes, which they call lochs. Check out Loch Ness. You never know, the monster `Nessie` might show her face…
I hope you have a nice stay:)


You are going to need a drivers license to rent a car. Its best to see if you can find someone willing to help you out and take you so is your best bet. You can use the money that you were going to use for the rental car and pay someone to take you or offer them gas money to take you. either or should definitely get you there.


You can rent a cheap car in London through This application allows you to quickly find the cheapest option of 25 car rental companies.



I understand that you wanted to rent a car and you have passed your license test. Yes, as long as you have your license then your good to go.


Hi. It depends on what state you are in. In some state, you dont have the privileged not unless you get your driver`s license.


You can rent a car immediately you finish driving you need to get more experience and get more confidence on the road.


I don`t see why you cant. The DMV has nothing to do with the insurance pertaining to your vehicle so ultimately it shouldn`t matter!


Yes you can rent no matter how many days or years you have the license.


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