I konow 7688000548this last out going msg?

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I konow 7688000548this last out going msg?. Do You mate own that kind of question?, If yes then plz found the good tips below this line:\r\n

I know 917688000547 this number last out going msg3 ditais


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Yes, you can know the location of your son with just the help of a personal computer. That is, when he has a cellphone with him. You can download a tracker application for your computer and use it to track him with his phone. But if he turns it off, there`s no way you will know where he is. You can also resort to following him in social networking sites where he may post where he`s been going.


Prefer cloud storage and transfer, you can also install dropbox on your phone and windows PC and set all pics taken by phone to upload automatically.


Welll u need a Gmail account ….. u need us.