I like a girl in my class n what to do friend ship with her but v don`t each other?

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I like a girl in my class n what to do friend ship with her but v don`t each other?. Are You mam & sir has this kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz found the solution below this line:

I like a girl in my class n what to do friend ship with her but v don`t each other


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Love is the master key of happyness. So you should be try to help her anything because 80% girl is like to help her but you don`t make a friend him because when you friend this girl you difficulty date him.Help her but you should be show your love and kindness she.Because love is grown up by kindness .I have a lotof plan but i don`t went to write down this time.


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Ru a girl. Hi. Can we become friend. Ok. Ur name. Im also from india. Akshat. U have skype. G mail. Or face book. Ur id. Age. To continue friend ship. 20. Im 20.


Try to add her as a friend first. I would also send an email introducing yourself to her and say your looking to make new friends.


You shoudl first get intoch wid them live.. later know them well and become their friend.


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Yes..! u can,but u have to select her by watching her behavior.


You could use the internet and find a chat site.