I lost my Nabi2 charger. My husbands clipper charger fit and the light on the Nabi2 came on like it was charging but it didn`t. Do I have to use …

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I lost my Nabi2 charger. My husbands clipper charger fit and the light on the Nabi2 came on like it was charging but it didn`t. Do I have to use …. Are You mam has this kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz found the solution right after this line:\r\n

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If your laptop computer runs normally on the ac adapter, but the battery won`t charge, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1) Remove the battery from the system.

2) Look at the connectors in the bay and on the battery for signs of physical damage.

3) Check the battery charge by pressing the status button or image on the battery near the LED`s. Note: The lights indicate the current amount of charge on the battery. If all the LED`s come on when you press on the butto, the battery is fully charged. If fewer lights are lit, then the battery is partially charged. If any lights flashm or blinkm there could be a problem with the battery.

4) Reinsert the battery; puch until it locks into place and the latch snaps back to the locked position.


Hello there! There are several factors that causes you this problem. It may because you have a defective battery, a defective charger, or your phone is already damaged and is needed to be fixed by your nearest service center right away. It may also be possible that it is just a simple bug that needs to be fixed. Please do try these steps and see if this works :

use the guide at your own risk. If you do not want to engage on guides only made by other people whom you do not know then do not do this and go to a service center.


Well it sounds to me that your laptop may have an internal shortage. You should ship back to its manufacturer and they will put it in a new motherboard and fix the broken slot inside your charger outlet. I hope this helps.


Try using as Samsung charger..I had a LG charger an a Samsung phone an for a while that MDL thing was happening but then I used a Samsung charger an it hasn`t happened sense!


Take the battery out , use eye brow plucker`s (tweezers) to grab it , give it a wiggle and see if it works.


The same thing happend to my if it is a dell laptop than it is the charger.Make shore that the cord is not cut if not call the manufac.


No it`s most likely not charging unless by some chance the light is not working. my guess is that it isnt sticking in all the way for a charge.


It sounds like the battery wasn`t Initially charged properly, If that is the case you will need to purchase a new battery.


You may have a shortage in your computer, and if the fan on your laptop is loud, you should get it serviced.


Chances are it is the charger and it is not sending a charge to the tablet.