I need a letter format coz i cant collect ATM card from bank?

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I need a letter format coz i cant collect ATM card from bank?. Are You sir own this kind of query?, If yes then please check the good tips right after this line:

Answers for this question:

The format should be:



To Whom It May Concern:

My name is ______ and currently out of town and unable to be present to collect the ATM card. In my absence, I hereby authorize my mother, (mother`s name) to act in all matters relating to my atm card, including picking up the atm card and signing of all documents relating to these matter. I am enclosing a copy of my SSS ID and company ID (any acceptable ID`s) for your further reference. If you have any questions about these, you can contact me by mail or by telephone at (your phone number).

Thank you very much.

Your printed name above signature

Your mother`s printed name above signature

But, If the bank said they need a power of attorney`s notary you have to provide it.


Re: Authorization Letter

To the Manager:

I, (full name) hereby authorize my father (name of dad) to get my ATM card on my behalf, (give an explanation why you yourself can`t get it).

I applied for an ATM card on (set date) and have an account with your branch (put account number).i

I hereby acknowledge that all information in this letter is true to the best of my knowledge. I have attached a copy of my Valid ID with my signature.

Should there be any questions, you can directly contact me at (contact number) or (email address).

Thank you,

Full Name and Sign

Father`s Name (with signature)

(your father should also bring a valid ID when he goes to the bank to get your ATM card.)


Here is the guides on how will you mate an authorization letter. You can also use this format for another types of letter.

1. Indicate the person to look or the receiver or at this time the manager of bank. Also includes its designation and address/location.
2. Always put a date before the letterhead. Use 2-3 paragraph spaces.
3. Put a recognition name. (e.g. Sir, Madam, Ma`am)
4. Greet the person whom the letter to be sent to show respect.
5. The body or content. You can ask directly a request to someone collect your ATM card from bank. Say your purpose and explain more and why. Tell that you cannot able to get it and explain why. You can elaborate more the situation. Derive for conclusion so that the person who is intended to read this would sympathize you a grant for goods. Don`t forget to give thanks.
6. Salutation mark before 3-4 spaces. Most commonly the “sincerely yours”, “truly yours”, “respectfully yours”, etc.
7. Insert your name and signature above it.


I would suggest calling the bank first and getting detailed directions from them as to what will be needed in the letter. Most places will definitely need your banking info, account number, etc, and maybe other identifying stuff like social security number. They may need it notarized, but definitely signed by you. Your brother would have to show id and you would have to provide his name, etc. so they can match it with the id. Again, though, I would check with the bank first to make sure you know what they need in the letter and that they will even allow such a thing without a legal power of attorney. (I had to get a legal power of attorney for my husband in order to do things for him while he was deployed. But I don`t know about ATM cards specifically.) Good luck. Wish I knew more.


As far as i know, banks can not collect the letter you have sent to your mother presumably, sent by Registered post;for that matter nobody else can collect the same,if you had sent this by Regd post.If you had sent by Regd post, the letter will be returned to you if not delivered to your mother. For your information , since your mother must be having a Bank account,you can send monies directly to that account from your Bank account that too through your computer by online transfer. you can ask your bank to guide on this. This way it is safer also. A letter to the bank may not help.


Name of Bank

To whom this may concern,

Good day! This letter will serve as authorization letter to authorize my wife to get the ATM card and passbook for me. Thank you.

respectfully yours,
your name


Write an official letter explaining the reason why you will not be able to collect the same. perhaps you could include this in your reference.


If you can`t get to the bank, most banks have an online service.


Why not ask the bank what they need in order to do that?