I opened an account with a security question where did you meet your spouse. now am finding difficult to access my because i dont remember the a

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I opened an account with a security question where did you meet your spouse. now am finding difficult to access my because i dont remember the a. Are You Mr or Mrs has this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz read the best answer right after below:\r\n

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You can Visit the link …
— Seclect, “Yahoo! Account “on the first on box.
— Select, “Password and Signin”on the second one box when you selected the forgot password there will appear a third one box on there select “forgot secret questions & answers” on the third one box.–
— Click, “Chat With a Support Agent online” and keep patient while loading a live chat after appear a live chat start to discuss to the live chat agent and then tell us to your problem and they will something arrange.


Hi. This usually happens when you login on another computer then did not successfully logout. Yahoo thinks that somebody is accessing your account form another location. So the best thing to do is to login again on the last computer that you have successfully accessed your account.

That will depend on if he was able to save namename and password on the last device that he used. Try to provide other solutions.


When you first got your account it asked for you to submit another email account. The reason for this is for this specific reason, if you did not provide yahoo with another email account than you would have to contact them. See account and it will provide you with the information to rec. your account information. This should be either on the right, left or scroll down and there should be a contact button or an account button.


There are other means to retrieve your account with Yahoomail. If you register with your phone number , it can send a code to your phone and you just neet to input that on the allotted portion. You can skip that and it may ask for your personal details such as birthday, address, etc. If still unable to get in to your account, check the Yahoo Technical Support to further assist you on this.



There are two option on how you retrieve your email account. first is to verify the alternate email, and the next one is to answer the two security question. You have to answer any of those, and if you forgot those two, then there is no way for you to open your email again.


Hi there
When you forgot your answer in your security question ,you must log in to your yahoo account to retrieve your password in facebook. Hope it can help to your problem :)


If you forgot the answer, there is an option at the log in page that says “can`t remember”, click that and follow the steps there. Or if you have a.


If you create a gmail account, then they can send you whatever information there and then you can go in and fix the account.



You will have to contact your provider in case forgot your security question.



Cant help it. register for a new yahoo account and forget about this one.