I recently devorced my wife curious to see who she talked to on my cell before i shut it off?

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I recently devorced my wife curious to see who she talked to on my cell before i shut it off?. Do You misses or mister own this kind of concern?, If yes then plz read the best answer right after below:\r\n

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Hello there! That really depends on the hiring manager or Human Resources officer at that particular branch. Some managers will re-hire after a specific amount of time has passed IF you weren`t terminated for a drug, or thievery related incident. So it really just has to do with what you were terminated for and who your hiring manager is / was. Sorry I can`t give you a more concrete answer. Good luck and take care, if you found my answer helpful please rate it as so below.


Your mobile phone GT-E2121 does not have the WiFi capability, therefore you cannot connect using WiFi but your phone has a Bluetooth and WAP. You can connect to the internet using WAP. To setup your WAP you may refer to this link:

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I guess he is interested in you. No one would spend time if he intends nothing. As time passed by everything changes, maybe he has fulfilled his dreams and now he is willing and capable to have a serious relationship with you. He likes you, he really do because he shows you how he cares for you by calling and texting everyday.


I think you dont need to know if she has a boyfriend or not. If the person likes you too she will tell it to you. Now, if you dont confess your feelings towards her. It will be your lost and chance will slip away. Assemble all your guts and face your fear who knows.. she`s inlove with you too.


I would set it up to where it looked like an extensive plan that started with the “spoof email” that inevitablyended with a romantic dinner with beautiful setting like it all went to plan. Tell her on your tenth anniversary the dumb move you really made.


You have asked her to live with you for the rest of her life. An email is not enough. However, as you have started in this way, you must arrange to meet with another email. Then you can do it in the traditional way, whatever your traditions may be.


Since you two are married and more than likely have an account together log online and get into the account and you can view your usage details to check all calls and texts.


You need to talk to her so you will know what will be her reaction and ask her if you have a chance and that`s all you need to do.


Talk to her face to face, take her to dinner, get her flowers …. email proposal not a good thing. Good luck.


You have to talk to him it will surprise him and then you will talk more and get back together.