I signed up for payrefe before, but did not complete it. So I am asking others, if this is a real thing?

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I signed up for payrefe before, but did not complete it. So I am asking others, if this is a real thing?. Are You guys has that kind of question?, If do then plz found the best feedback right after this line:

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Make sure you have internet connection first on your smart tv. connect it using wifi connection. YOur modem/ router should have wifi and is connected to the internet. On your smart tv, you can connect it to the modem via a cable or wirelessly. Once connected it should automatically be given the needed network configuration. If not, check this with your network administrator.



If this is about a website that says that you will get paid via western union or any other way by just dragging or bringing visitors on the site and maybe asking those people to register then do not have high hopes. I miyself tried this kind of scheme and they really do not pay, Usually this sites are just made to collect personal information from people.


I would suggest going to the Netflix website to change and/or deactivate accounts. Once this is done on the website, it should automatically udate on your blu ray player.


Skype will keep record of any calls or messages made to your account. When you log in, this information will be transmitted to you as a “missed call”.


Try to check the connection of your husband`s phone. He maybe out of connection range that`s why his log in and out didn`t appear on your end.


It`s a fake website you won`t get the money.


Shopliffting is a crime, it just depends on the company.


Did you put in all right right info?


How can I withdraw a payment.