I try to log into pal talk, it says server is unavailable?

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I try to log into pal talk, it says server is unavailable?. Are You guys own this kind of problem?, If do then please found the answer right after below:\r\n

Tried to log into pal talk many times but the answer i receive is pal talk server is unavailable


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Well, i had this problem for about two weeks and my head was going crazy so i google for the solution and noting works but i found a this guy and he said he can fix it, this guy was my last chance so i took his email and contact him, he told me about the problem and ask my for some info and the payment, i sent all what he asked and about 8 hours later i can activate my iPhone with any sim, if you want the contact you can contact me to i…@desbloqueoiphonecr.com.


Hi there! Good day to you.. Server unavailable means its either the server is conducting a maintenance or it is already shutdown. To confirm this, try to contact the support staff of the site.


Hi there! If you don`t have or you don`t know the namename and password then there is no way you can open it. The only thing you can do is to contact your service provider and ask them for help.


It means to say the IP, DNS ,Subnet is not correct..check your network settings man!