I wanna make girl friend which type of thing i will do for impression on girls?

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I wanna make girl friend which type of thing i will do for impression on girls?. Do You mam has that kind of concern?, If do then plz get the best answer right after below:\r\n

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If you felt that the girl is interested than you just told her directly or in other way first make her friend then after some time confess that you want to make her girlfriend.


Well, be through to yourself. Be sure you have your pictures in the internet and the “About Me” section of your profile tells a lot about you. Don`t like and don`t tell them about the negative things about you. Always say positive when talking to a girl. Sense of humor will make them talk to you. Research for a funny phrase or joke that will make them laugh so hard. Girls like jokers so be sure to impress them. Just say hi and hello and tell them that you like them straight to the point. And always talk and talk even they are not talking that much.


I you want to meet new girls online or chat with girls online try dating sites or social networking sites.

Visit these site and create an account.

1. Match its the no. 1 dating site.
2. Facebook facebook.com is the no. 1 social networking site.
3. Twoo is great because of its feature that automatically searches people near your.


Hello zawe.if u want to make a good relationship with girls u can start by trying to know what girls like talking about and then when u get to meet one try and talk about things around the world like what she likes ,what r her ambitions but never ask personal questions until u get to know her beter and never rush into anything.and never compete with a girl about things you have achived or done.try and make her feel special.


First and foremost, you should be aware of yourself like personal hygiene, etc. then second add people on social networking sites or dating sites, from there, you can find several members of girls who wants a boyfriend, message them and tell your likes and dislikes. Goodluck!


One way to help you out is to remember a story that is cool to use the mutual friend you two have and tell it to her ….it may open up to some of her stories or memories of the mutual friend and then you two can take it from there.


Join a social site, make friends with hot and attractive ladies, dont push too hard, go slowly and show more cares to them, before you know it, they are yours. also read books on how to seduce a woman, it is all over the internet.


Maybe talk to a girl and get to know her,and add her on facebook,twitter,or what other websites their are,and maybe their all just blind to see how good of a man you are:)


Okey u ll do a think just keep on looking for a 2 days whole day after tht stop looking her then she ll itself talk to u.

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