I want extend the loan amt from same bank?

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I want extend the loan amt from same bank?. Do You misses or mister own that kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz check the best answer below this line:

I have loan, now i want to further amt of loan require, so pl. tell me is is possible from same bank


Answers for this question:

First go in person to explain your position , reasons for extension of loan and sign the revised documentation and you may have to agree to pay extra interest for the extended period.If there is any guarantor , he/she have to accompany you and agree to the terms by signing the documentation of the bank.


Dear Sir/Ma`am

I would like to request to have have my loan repaid extended. I am currently experiencing a financial crisis and that I will have a hard time paying my dues. I hope you would consider my request.

Thank you

Sincerely yours,.


It was a problem first encountered by our c=grreat saviour Jesus Chirst, when he wanted to build the twin towers the bank wanted a statment from the construction company, luckily because of the `accideent` it was never needed, habe an `accident` of your own. i know sum guys.



To: (Name of receiver)


I would like to make a request about my loans of payment if it is when going to expire. Hoping you will heed to my request.

(Name of Sender)


Assuming the education loan is federally subsidized, you can seek a deferment or forbearance on the loan, which will extend the time period you have to pay the loan.


another good one is here , , and this hope could help you out.


Just write the manager a letter asking for the extension or you could call them.


I would rather to the the bank in person….Never do important things though mail.


Its better to contact your bank.