I want financial assistanct for sports?

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I want financial assistanct for sports?. Are You Mrs or Mr own this kind of uncertainty?, If do then please check the tips right after this line:\r\n

We have a net ball association in Goroka, we are sending the squad to our capital city Port Moresby in July for Juniors and September for Seniors and very much need financial assistance.


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[ Date ]

To whom it may concern ,

Our [ Type of Sport ] team namely , [ Name of your Team/ Group ] . Is having a fund raising for the upcoming tournaments like [ Tournaments you will compete ] , The funds will be for our Uniforms, Drinks , Entrance Fee etc. The tournament will start on [ Date of Official start] , We will be competing with other teams across the town . We would like to knock into your hearts for any amount of donation . We promise that we will do our best for your support .Thank you for your kindness ,

[Your name ].


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Name of Establishment

To whom this may concern,

Good day! I write this letter to ask some financial help for my study. I have to pay for the College tuition fee but the money that I have saved is not enough, So I decided to ask a little support from you. I hope you grant this. Thank you and more power.

respectfully yours,
your name.


Go online and google sample letters which will help you with this. Good luck.


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