I want letter to salary cut letter bcz of store keeper not finish the work?

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I want letter to salary cut letter bcz of store keeper not finish the work?. Are You mam and sir own that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please read the good answer right after below:

Answers for this question:

Hello there,

We are glad and we`re very happy for trusting your concern to us.
Even you did not state here the exact reason and story about your previous employment; I get on your side already. Maybe you applied neither in a company wherein they requiring that the applicant should done a real employment neither appraisal nor On the Job Training status and previously maybe you’re just an OJT or appraisal therefore you are pretending about your previous salary rate. I would suggest telling them the real story about your employment. Never pretend in any situation most especially in the beginning, just be yourself, let them know what is true. It is much better to start new things honestly.
If you have more questions, unclear issues in mind, feel free to ask. We have a community of experts’ online ready to give you a quality answers.

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Fill up the letter I have drafted for you with the necessary details to suit your needs.

Dear Sir/Madam,
We, ___(names)___, from the ______Department, hereby request your good office to provide us transportation for _(how many people)__ because we finish our work late. In our experience for the past months, it is already hard to get a ride during late hours and our safety is also compromised. If you can provide us with a transportation, it will be beneficial not only to us but also to the company because we can work efficiently and effectively without worrying that we have to leave the company premises early without finishing most of our work.
I hope you will consider our request.



(Name of General Manager)
(His Position)
(Company/Store Name)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wrote this letter to inform you about the lapses of the store keeper. He his not doing his job well and I noticed that he frequently mismatch the stocks.

I hope you can talk to the store keeper about this problem.

I hope for your kindness and consideration.

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,
(Your Name and Signature)


Hi there, thanks for using our service. In order to write a letter like this you should keep it short but to the point. Your first sentence should be your apology for not finishing on time. Your second sentence should explain how you understand that this is not acceptable and that you will not let it happen again in the future. Remind him how happy you are to work with the company and that you will make sure to be an asset to the company. Try not to spend time with excuses, but it may be okay to briefly include what happened that you were unable to turn in your work in a timely fashion and why it won`t happen again.


You can format your letter like the following;


Full name of your boss
Position in the company
Address of the company

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Surname
Your signature over your printed name
Your position
Your contact number/email.




Dear (Sir/Madam):

Greetings of peace!

Our project for statistical analysis in fast approaching. There is an urgent need to finish it. The time element frame that we have is every limited. With this, I would like to set the date on (Put the date here). If it is ok for you just free to contact me. Or you can suggest your free time because your time is my pleasure.

Sincerely yours:




To: (Name of Receiver)


I would like to make a request if you can release my salary since I have a salary not yet given on April 13 of this year and it is already late and my august 13 and september 13 is due already. Please take in seriously my plea as I have waited long enough.

(Name of sender)


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