I want to become a drawing artist. But?

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I want to become a drawing artist. But?. Do You mam & sir own that kind of inquiry?, If do then please get the best answer right after this line:\r\n

I want to become a drawing artist. For this I need to practise, however, I am currently an internee at a Hotel and once I am done with it I should go look for a job (I am 21). How can I manage a full-time job and benefit from the few free hours that I will get just so I can get a chance at a drawing career in a few years?


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Hi there, i suggest you use media fix to fix all the broken info on your media files . …..or you can also use the `double twist` apps it can help you with your media files: .


Your phone does not recognized the data of your songs. You can put artist on your song manually. It seems that your music files are from different source and the reason why samsung galaxy ace does not recognized the files.


You shouldnt be asking for help if your in a drawing contest you must be good if you considered entering in the first place just draw what you think looks best to you. you can look up aplain image of one and just change it to your liking.


Use google images and type in ” hand drawn turkey ” then try your best to copy the picture, to make it easier make sure the image you have chosen is large. :D.


Long time iam not open so today isaw massege to draw us visa but they need me to pay money so pls if u can help me to finnish procces.


Have you tried clearing some space on your device as sometimes I find things crash if I don`t have loads of memory free ?



That could be “IDEA or IDEAS”

Enjoy the game ?


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