I want to download mp3 songs from my hard drive.however,my windows7 pc does not recognize my nokia 710.Please help?

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I want to download mp3 songs from my hard drive.however,my windows7 pc does not recognize my nokia 710.Please help?. Are You sir own this kind of query?, If do then plz get the best tips right after this line:

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You can try IDM.


I have found a way around this issue, I have a HP 250 gig drive and had the same problem, so after several attempts, I found myself discouraged, and then after research I found that a lot of home entertainment units such as the ps3, wII, and bell 9241 receiver, does not send a power signal through the usb port. so I tried to think outside the box. if I cannot get a power source from one single unit then what if I use two. so I have a usb 1.1 split cable that came with my hp pocket drive and plugged the secondary line into my Wii and the main side in to the 9241 pvr and left the power off for the Wii and power on for the receiver and Walla. so basically it draws the power from the Wii and sends the data from the pvr unit. also a note to remember is the drive I am using is a 5200 rpm drive so is not advisable for direct recording but will work for file transfers to pc your friend Scott.


Win7, Ctrl panel, admin tools, right click computer mngnt, run as admin, storage, click disc managementmy Toshiba hard drive listed as Disc 2, showed three partitions, right click, choose delete volume, message appears created by something other than wi does. Click delete, Do to all three. This leaves one volume with black line across top. Right click, choose create simple volume. Follow steps.
I restarted computer. Look in my computer. You will now see your drive. You will need to click on it and choose format. Hard drive is now back.


Hi! What is the model of your Sony TV? Does your TV has multimedia player capability? If not, you need to have multimedia player for your TV in order to read or detect your movies stored on your external hard drive.

If your TV has multimedia player capability, check the format of your hard drive. Usually, the format for the hard drive to detect on your TV is NTFS.

Check also the manual of your Sony TV and check if it has the said capability.

Hope it helps!


Hello there and good day to you!

I think the problem is in your hard drive. To confirm this, try to conect different hard drive in your sony tv and observe. If the tv detect the hard drive and can read the files on it then the problem is in your first hard drive, it might be damaged or defective..

Thank you for your question and if you have more question to ask then please don`t hesitate to ask.


You may use some data recovery tool, here`s a useful file recovery blog where you can find a lot of data recovery tutorial. after you restored your files, you can format the hard hard and reinstall windows with your recovery disc.


See you have to show it to an expert to get it resolved if you want mac data recovery or HDD recovery for any OS then its better to consult the right person.

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Hello try first to check the cable in your hard drive when you try to connect it if it is set to the right please in to your board. turn off your computer before you put your drive on. check if it is connected properly.

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