I want to get a licence key so as to complete my installation?

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I want to get a licence key so as to complete my installation?. Are You sir own that kind of uncertainty?, If do then please found the best tips right after below:

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Hello there,then the problem is you don`t haven`t have Direct3D and the Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) to run it or you can`t run the latest version of bluestacks.

The older version of Bluestacks don’t require a high end system settings configuration like the new version of bluestacks and you will be able to install it minimally without getting and graphic card error.

You can get the old version of bluestacks here:

Update your graphic card drivers here:
*Intel …

*AMD (ATI) …


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You may refer to this site for verification of android support to your application.


Make sure your pc met the minimum system requirements to run bluestacks, delete the old installer and try to download a new installer to run bluestacks, try to use multiple computers as well to determine if it`s the installer or the device that`s causing the issue for bluestacks unable to install in your device.


Normally, it will only take a couple of minutes. Most is 10 minutes to install all.

If you are having problems installing the application. I suggest that you reinstall it and lower the firewall and antivirus upon installing to avoid problems.


After restarting your laptop….press f8…then u`ll get Safe Mode, normally , command prompt options will appear…select safe mode…

may be it will be helpful…


Have you tried setting up the boot sequence from the bios? tha hard disk must be in the first position on the boot sequence.


I`d think so, maybe its due to Quality of WiFi.