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I WANT TO KNOW MY BDO ACCOUNT IS EXPIRED?. Are You Mr or Mrs has this kind of query?, If yes then plz read the good feedback right after this line:

Answers for this question:

The problem you`ve faced is due to wrong enter of either password or email address. To avoid seeing that warning dialogue, you must fix it. You can follow these steps to fix your Facebook account.
1. If you had lost your password, ask for password replacement by sending the Facebook administrator a request to change it. Just click the “I forgot my password” link. Then after that, an electronic SMS will be send on your phone or check it to your email address.
2. If you had lost your account email, just send a message directly to Facebook thru clicking the “Help” link placed extreme bottom.


By expired, do you mean that your father is already dead? Well in that case, you can always contact the bank manager and let him know about the death of your father and your concerns about the joint account. They will assist you immediately because it is in their protocol to actually make things more efficient for people who lost a family member and has left an account for their family. Good luck to you.


Websites that offers free registration often have an expiration date. This account is often termed as “trial account”. This trial account lets names to experience or to avail from their services for a limited period of time only in order for the name to testrun their services. In order to solve this issue, you must upgrade your registration from trial account to pro account to continue using their services.


If you are talking facebook account then from my experience, a period of month deactivation enables your account to expire.


Attch a death certificate and write and applicatn detail about ur account to them.


It has, it says at the top, any ideas on how to get it again?


What do you mean your husband expired? Did he died?


How i reopen my expired fb account?