I want to make a letters request can u help me?

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I want to make a letters request can u help me?. Do You guys own this kind of problem?, If do then please read the best solution below this line:

Answers for this question:

Here is a sample of letter authorizing other person to get your honorable dismissal.
Your Name
Your Address

To: Name of Addressee
Title or Position Company
Name Company Address
Date Written

Respected Sir/Ma`am

My name is (insert your name) a former student of (Name your previous school) and I hereby authorize the release of my honorable dismissal from your office to my niece, Ms. (Name of your niece) to be submitted for my pending college requirements at my current school, (Name of your current school). Without the mentioned document, I will not be able to enroll in my final year in (College Course) and your cooperation and assistance is really needed.

Thank you very much and I am hoping for your kind consideration.

Very Sincerely Yours,
Your Signature
Your printed name

Contact Details:
Home/Business Number
Cellphone Number
Email Address


Hi the answer you are looking for is the word FACEBOOK
the first four letter is part of the the body which is FACE,
fifth sixth seventh and eight letter is BOOK which student carries in school,sixth second and eight letters is OAK which is a king of a tree,second eight and fourth letter is BAKE a kind of cooking , and finally sixth and seventh letters are the same as the letter O.

red one

The answer for level 4, tv & movies 4 words, 4 letters 2 letters 3 letters then 5 letters. image looks like a brown figure with a gold oval on top of i is “LORD OF THE RINGS”

Hope it helps.


The answer to this level of icomania is LORD OF THE RINGS. Great description of this level. It helped me find you the right answer.

Thank you for your question, and have a good day!



Try “THE MATRIX” for a Iconmania: looks like something with sound waves the answer has 9 letters it is tv and movies.



I only guess the word.
It might be NIGHT.
try to answer the word it might be the right answer.



Go into Settings > Display > Font Size, and you have the option to choose from normal, large and HUGE.


Give us the letters available in order to decode the word for the iconmania you are asking.


You can`t…..she treasures her privacy and your not part of her world….sorry.