I want to see my gf own whatsaap charting?

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I want to see my gf own whatsaap charting?. Do You Mrs or Mr has that kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz read the good tips below:

My girlfriend own whatsaap with another person


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Getting Started

download WhatsApp -from Google Play or our website
number verification – open WhatsApp > agree to Terms of Service > enter your number > enter your pushname
your phone number- +Country code Area code Phone number (US number would be +1 ??? ??? ????)

add/edit contacts – add/edit contact info in your phone`s address book > refresh contacts
block/unblocking contacts – open WhatsApp > press [Menu Button]> tap Settings > Contacts > Blocked Contacts
when I block a contact- s/he cannot send you messages, or see your online status
when a contact blocks me – you cannot send them messages, or see their online status
delete a contact – delete contact info from your phone` s address book > refresh contacts
invite a friend – open WhatsApp > press [Menu Button] > tap Settings > Contacts > Tell a friend
view WhatsApp contact list – open WhatsApp > tap pencil icon
refresh contacts – open WhatsApp > tap pencil icon > press [Menu Button] > tap Refresh



KANYAKUMARI EXP 16381 will departure from CSTM at 15:45 and
-charting will be done a between 12:00 pm to 12:10 pm .
Happy Journey !


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Just turn on wifi and it will automatically be set as your main internet connection.


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tech terms:

allinurl: gf legends