I want to talk to a immigration lawyer?

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I want to talk to a immigration lawyer?. Are You mam and sir has this kind of question?, If do then plz check the best tips right after this line:

I want to know if it`s a possibility for me and my bf to live apart even after marriage


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If you are looking for a business person or a consultant looking to immigrate to Canada or from United States, the Business/Investor Immigration Program may be an important fast-track Canadian immigration option for you. You will find lot of avenues or service providers in Ontario dealing with the providers considering business immigration like work permit,wwics group,Siskinds Immigration etc.


HI there. The total cost of attorney`s fees on this kind of case is $1,220.
Filing Fees and Other Fees is $420
Initial Attorney`s Fee is $800/person
For more information about the fees go to this link
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Get another Lawyer and make sure that is legal / not fake. About the $600 its seem that youve have been scam. Why does you didnt get a contract or receipt, You must be inteliggent to handle it. But if you have an evidence you can repot it.


You can look for a lawyer agency on the web. I was in a bad situation some time ago, a lot of debts really… Thanks to lawyers from agency I managed to solve them with minimal losses. I guess, getting a good lawyer is the firs thing you should do.


Hi there! You can check this website it offers a free legal advice. Just register and sign in. Its just like a forum and mostly members are Filipino lawyers. Here is the link
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It is easy to get an lawyer to talk with,just go to your nearest municipality..you can ask there .


What you should do is take a minor criminal justice class, it will give you so much knowledge.