I WANTt activate my janumet activate card 6277?

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I WANTt activate my janumet activate card 6277?. Are You mam and sir own this kind of inquiry?, If do then plz get the good answer right after below:\r\n

I have activate the card 6277 and need to activate the web page and phone # on card dont work


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I am not sure if you can still activate it. I mean its been like 2 years or 3 years now. Usually you can activation will be valid a week or two once you received the card. Best thing you can do though is call the bank and ask them if you can still activate the card. Writing a letter might take ages. The number of the bank is at the back of the card that was sent to you. If the card is not valid for activation you can ask them if you can get a new one from them and that they might be able to do so.


Borrow of buy the Smart Plug N Talk device and insert your SIM card. Close the application that opened and then check the check box where it says send ROAM ON or something about using the SIM for roaming then it will activate your SIM card even if you forgot to do it while in the Philippines.


On Sun cellular you oly need to insert it to yor phone and it will automatically activate, while in globe prepaid sim go only need to text BAL send to 222 to activate your sim.


No info will be removed or lost but before u jail break it make sure ur phone is backed up on ur computer first in itune and all ur photos are saved to ur computer just in case.


Hi there, just go their website www.globe.com.ph

register there to make an account, input the sim number and activate it`s roaming feature there.


You may use Jeba sim to activate your phone it is the sim than can make your phone activated.


In my experience you have to activate it through the company themselves.


Go to sd in settings and put the sd in and there should be activate sim/sd.