IbisMail Tries To Replace Apple’s Mail App

By On Saturday, May 5th, 2018 Categories : iPad

ibisMail is a mail app for iPad which is trying to replace Apple’s own Mail app. Don’t think it is impossible, as this app is not only providing you with a standard features for a mail app, but also providing you some other powerful features like folders and filtering. It support most authentication services which means that you won’t have problem to set your email account to the app.

When you are all set up, ibisMail will allow yout o customize your account and the overall layout in various ways. You can create, delete, edit, and move your folders. You can also customize your folder with various rules for filtering and keep everything neat and tidy. The layout is available in both vertical and horizontal form. You can also drag the columns to resize it instantly.

In addition, the app is also offering us basic Mail features such as sending mails in HTML or text only, uncompress zip files, attaching, subscribe and unsubscribe, and much more. Ibis is currently teamed up with AppAdvice to give you a chance to win one of the nine promo codes for this app. If you are interested, just check out AppAdvice and share their post about this app.