iCloud is here, what happen to MobileMe?

By On Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 Categories : iphone


Earlier this week, along with the launch of iOS5, Apple was announcing their new service called iCloud. It is a feature for online data storage that will allow you to sync, transfer and store your photos, contacs, calendar, and more, wirelessly. It even won’t cost a penny for OS X, iPhone, and iPad. But what is happening to the current cloud solution for Apple, MobileMe?

For your information, iCloud is offering 5GB of storage space with the current service allowing 20GB for $99 per year. Two nights ago, Apple is sending an email to MobileMe users to explain the situation. The email said that you will be able to move your mail, contacts, bookmarks, and calendars when you sign up on iCloud. The MobileMe subscription itself will end on June 30, 2012 without additional charge.

They also said that they will give more details about how it can be done when the iCloud available this fall. It means that you will still able to keep and migrate your data from MobileMe to iCloud. But remember that your MobileMe subscription will only valid until June 30, next year. Hopefully the 20GB storage will also remains until that date.