iCycling Apps Updated

By On Monday, June 4th, 2018 Categories : iphone


Velocomp, a sport technology company that was creating the line of iBike application for power meters and iBike Dash line for cycling computers, has lately updated two of their iOS apps named iBike and iBike Coach. Those two apps were running for iBike Dash. iBike Coach App is working with iBike Dash CC with a new user interface, wider use of the video instruction tutorials, and the simpler product setup. The screen navigation is also easier, and it now has a button to access the music controls.

For the iBike app, the interesting feature is the Always On mode. With this mode, the app will allow you to continually gathering any data and recording, even if you are not running the iBike app, with the iBike Dash electronics. When you restarted your iBike app, it will synchronize the data with the electronics and making sure that the cycling information is complete and accurate.

Both the apps are available on iTunes for free. iBike app is working with iBike Dash CC, iBike Dash CC Deluxe, and iBika Dash + Power, while the iBike Dash is only working for iBike Dash CC. You can download iBike app from iTunes here, while iBike Coach for iBike Dash here.