iFacelaugh iPhone App Bring Laughter to Your iPhone

By On Monday, February 5th, 2018 Categories : iphone

iFacelaugh iPhone App. Laughing is good for health, but unfortunately living in a gadget world we forget to even smile. Its fun to laugh out when we are with our friends and family and capture all those funny moments on our mobile phone. We have seen apps to record and edit snaps with some funny drawings, but here an app that records your laugh along with your photo. Sounds interesting? Yes it is. iFacelaugh a laughter app for iPad, ipod touch or iPhone I would say, meant to share your laughter with your friends and family.

iFaceLaugh iPhone App Features:

• Easy to use interface

• Laugh-a-Laugh game included within the app

• Play the game on both offline and online mode

• Check for who else waiting to challenge you

• Able to share the picture along with the laugh to your friends email addresses

iFacelaugh is an amazing ipad app that records your laugh which can be added to a picture. This is really funny when some one adds our picture and attach it with a laugh. So when you are at a party with your friends, if some one laughs; open the iFacelaugh iPhone app – take a snap (for iPhone) and record his laugh. The fun doesn’t stop here, you can add the laugh to the captured snap and send it across your friends through their emails.

Additionally the iFaceLaugh iPad app includes a bonus game called Laugh-a-Laugh, a laughter game that can be played with your friends. Ultimately its a funny app, aimed to bring some smile on your face at the move. If you have a techy life, probably you should try out this app, to ease your mind. Get it Here!