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II NEED TO WRITE A PROFESSIONAL LETTER TO INVITE THE DIGNITARIES AND THEIR WIVES TO A DINNER PARTY FOR THE SAKE OF INTRODUCING THE NEW AMBASSADOR O…. Are You Mrs or Mr own that kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz found the best answer right after this line:\r\n

Answers for this question:

Laura Parker
Operations Manager
Allen Plastic Industries
3366 Oakdale Avenue North,
Robbinsdale, MN,
United States
(763) 520-7870

June 15, 2008

Catherine Brown
Administrative Officer
Vogue Perfumery Works
1410 East Bridge Street,
Redwood Falls, MN,
United States
(507) 644-60

Dear Ms. Brown:

I am writing this letter to introduce the company “Herald Publications” I have been the customer of the company for last five years. The company specializes in printing of annual reports, special issues to celebrate an occasion, project reports. John Green and has his entire team is great to work with.

For a growing company like yours, this publication house will really help. Your company has diverged in many areas and you constantly require some one to help you out the publication of your reports. As you had discussed this with me in detail, therefore I am introducing the company to you.

The entire staff and management of the company are thoroughly professional. They stick to deadlines and deliver quality services. The company has gained good clients in less time due to their effective working style and good service. My experience has been really good. I am enclosing the brochure of the company along with two copies of annual general report and special issue of our company`s 10th anniversary for your perusal.

You can contact John Greene on his phone at (612) 4567321 or mail him at john. Gre…@hotmail.com. I am sure this will help you in planning out your company`s special issue for silver jubilee celebration.

I am looking forward to meet you in person. I hope my introduction to Herald publication will help you.


Laura Parker

**This is just a sample letter to guide you. You can change the wording accordingly.

Thank you for your question. Hope this helps, and have a great day!


HI. Here is a sample invitation letter.

Name, Company, Address, Contact Number

Topic to be discussed.

Dear ___________,

We are pleased to invite you to the “International International Conference: ________________,” scheduled from_____________ in ___________. This Conference will be a joint effort of the___________ and the _________.

The Vice Chancellor of the__________, __________, will inaugurate the Conference and the President of ________ is expected to address the Closing Ceremony.

The Conference deliberations will be on the following themes:

ƒThis Conference will examine research and development both locally and internationally. (this is where you let the speaker know what to expect)

It is an honor and privilege to invite you to participate in this Conference as Speaker for the __________. We believe that your contribution to this field is unparalleled and a workshop on this topic will be of great benefit.

We look forward to a positive confirmation, an honor for us indeed. Kindly RSVP by _________ to the Conference Secretary, Mr/Mrs _________ at _________.

Your Faithfuly,


Since it is just going to be your classmates, invitation must not be too much formal for it will be a party for familiar people. Giving them invitation will be appreciated by parents for they will know where their kids are.

(name invited)
(title of event)

Hi Batchmate:

I am giving a special party for my classmate to appreciate knowing you even for a short time. Now is the time we could share our great experience we had.
I hope you could come and celebrate with other batchmates for a well deserved break in our life.
I would assure you that we will all have a good time party but peaceful entertainment.

(place of venue)
(date of venue)
TO ALL BATCHMATES OF (your school)

Truly yours,
(your signature)
(your name)


Sample letter proposal introducing native products in a supermarket;

To Whom It May Concern,

Have A Great Day!

I composed this letter for the proposal of introductory of my native products in your Supermarket.The purpose of this native product is for helping our economy to raise again and to let consumer to be knowledgeable and be aware that we must love those materials that we have in our country.

The material that we used on this native product is hundred percent from our native materials have a good quality that the consumer will like it and surely benefit for it because of its profitable and worth it price.

We are encouraging all the stores specially those Supermarket to value the products that can help in environment specially to our economy.

If you have further questions,or inquiry you can still reach me through this number(contact number here.)

Thank you so much!

Truly Yours!



(name of manager)
(his/her position)
(company name)
(company address)

Dear Sir/Madam:

Good day!

I wrote this letter to invite you for a showing of today`s match. This is due to the reason that (reason for inviting).

It would be on (date) at (place) at exactly (time).

I am hoping for your presence to the said event.

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,
(your name and signature)


Name of the Ambassador

Dear Mr.___,

Good day! We would like inform you that we are inviting you to be our chief guest this coming (date) for the (purpose of event) during annual awards. It will be our pleasure to see you on that event. See you there. Thank you and more power.

Respectfully yours,
your name.


Just write a simple letter for Party invitation.
Your class name

Madam/Dean, my class wants to invite you at our party in our room, because one of my student has a birthday, and he/she want to invite you.

Name of Dean/Principal
Signature of the student.