Im hearing people are getting $21.00 dollars stimulus on their ebt cards from president Obama?

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Im hearing people are getting $21.00 dollars stimulus on their ebt cards from president Obama?. Are You guys own that kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz check the best feedback below:

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Its a lie people often say to gain more popularity.


President Obama is not giving $200 on EBT cards for those who are receiving food stamps.
When you look at the Florida Department of Children and Families, it was stated that there might be a change in the amount of food assistance that will be given starting Oct. 1, but there was announcement that they will give automatic cash assistance.
If you need cash assistance, you have to apply for it. If you are a resident of Florida, you may apply at‎
They provice assistance to their residents. If you are qualified, you can avail of those benefits too.


As of today, there is no official announcement if President Obama is giving away 200 dollars for people with EBT. Maybe this is just a rumor.
In the state of Florida, those people who are receiving foodstamps will still get their foodstamps money but starting October 1, there may be a change in the amount because of the change in the cost of living. For cash assistance, you still have to apply for this benefits and wait if it will be granted. The government is giving away Food, Medical and Cash assistance to qualified citizens.
You can ask your local government unit regarding this.


It is just a rumor that President Obama is adding $200 on EBT cards. There is no bill that is passed regarding this.
Residents are given Medical Assistance, Food Assistance, and Cash Assistance, but these benefits are not given automatically. You need to apply to get these benefits. In Florida, you can apply for these benefits online.
So, if you are receiving Food Assistance, do not expect that you will also get Cash assistance if you did not apply for it.


No it is not true, its a scam. The people online saying its true are fakes. Using that routing number will give than access to your accounts. What they will do is initially deposit some money into your account, but when you bank goes to retrieve it, it wont be there. You will get fined, the money taken out, and more money taken out as well since they will have your account info now.


Yes, this is true but the money will only be available to those in the NY area at this time. The money was donated by billionaire George Soros with the intent on helping out the people of NY who are receiving assistance. He has donated money to NY before here is a link for more information:



This information has not been made official as of right now it is just a rumor, the US does not have enough money to give away at this time making it highly unlikely.


I just heard that president obama is adding 200.00 on ebt cards is that true? I want to know is it a rumor that president obama is giving 200.00 on ebt cards.