Im looking are an older woman or cougar on kik?

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Im looking are an older woman or cougar on kik?. Are You sir has this kind of problem?, If yes then plz check the answer below this line:\r\n

I just want to find some cougars or older women


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It`s difficult to know the person by simply chatting online. If you want to chat with someone with a sense of humor, it may take some time. Like what the saying says, ” The fisherman go to the ocean to fish.” If you`re looking for something or someone, make sure you go to the right place. However, people with sense of humor don`t have a common place where they gather together. There is only one place that I can think of, going to some comedy bars.


I ignore her to my level best ..but one can not drop every unknown number .. Trust me I have ..! but i m an architect …hv my office in her neighbourhood …nd cant change that i cnt loose my clientele ..evn thought of ..involving the police into it den me being a guy ..only i wud gt a bad name …hope u understand …bt appreciate ur answer ..!


Hi there,

I can`t see anything wrong about liking an older woman. You can`t question your feelings also whether its a young or older when your attracted to her its not an issue. What are going to confess if your having a problem we`re her to give you some advice regarding on your problem.

Thank you.


Its very safe. you got an opportunity to have this relationship. very important thing you should know that she is experienced. you are fool why are you ignoring her go and love her.


I think its good depending on age of you if your under 18 or not and if your concerned about health have her check for like menopause or something..again depending on age.


Dont think about the age gap man,. think about the feelings you have both :), try to love her with all your heart without any hesitation for what others will think about you.


Well, just tell her. It`s just an infatuation, after all. If you want to be more romantic, then give her fresh flowers as well.


Have you gone onto dating websites like Tinder or google older women dating? there are plenty of sites you can register for.


Surely the woman of aged has a better experience of life. She treatd herownself wt she has learnt ancesters of her.

majad nabi

Move from your current state and never return. if it gets out of hand get a restraining order against her.