I`m unable install blue stacks in my laptop?

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I`m unable install blue stacks in my laptop?. Are You mam has this kind of problem?, If do then please read the solution right after this line:\r\n

While installing blue stacks I`m getting error -error code 2318


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Bluestacks android emulator is compatible with windows platform and ios platform. When in bluestacks.com make sure that you selected the correct version for your device which is windows. Check device manager by typing device manager in start menu search field, scroll down to processor and see if the celeron version is dual core or single core. To determine if dual core, it will appear in this order, intel T8570 , intel T8570. If your processor is single core it will appear as intel T8570 no repetition. Your device doesn`t have a dedicated graphics card. Bluestacks android emulator will not work with laptops that is running single core processors and doesn`t have a dedicated graphics card. You need to upgrade to intel pentium or amd dual core processors that have speeds from 2.2 GHZ and above.


Please try to restart your bluestacks or ever restart your computer, because I have viber in my laptop and I`m using bluestacks as emulator and the mic is working well. If still nothing you can try to download this : and use that .apk file to install viber.


If you are using it in your computer, you can`t really access it as you like. But there is a way to access it but it`s a very complicated method which include some manipulation in your registry. If you don`t have knowledge about your computer register, i suggest to not try it because you may accidentally damage your computer by manipulating your computer registry.


Bluestacks require a good computer specs. Your computer needs at least 2GB of ram, a good video card and netframework 3.5 or higher. If your computer have more than 2GB of ram and still cannot install this application then the problem is your video card, try to install your video card driver and then try installing the application again.


You cant it will download and install a little but it will say minimum RAM 2gb, Blue stacks system requirements need 2gb minimum ram to be able to use this program. There are some application that eats a lot of memory in this program that is why it needs to have 2gb ram.


Restarting the device can ssolve the issue.
here is how you can do


Forst update your fimwork from here and then try installing if this cant install remove all files of alrady installed bluestack.


You need 2 gb free not just 2gb, os and other takes space so see how much you have left.


Go to bluestacks.com on the lower left you`ll see download app player hope this helps.


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