iMovie Makes iPad 2 Freeze? Here is the Fix.

By On Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 Categories : iPad

Yep. It seems that the iMovie has another bug yet again, and this time it causes the iPad to freeze. What is the deal really? Well, every time that you try to export to camera roll, it causes the iPad itself to freeze, and even if you do reboot or reset the iPad just so you could get it to function again, of course the same happens whenever you try to get on with your project again.

The iMovie is a really good video editor. Well, for one, it’s not as expensive as compared to other video editing apps, especially if you look at all the features that it has. Another thing is that it’s versions are specifically made for your gadget hence, the problems that you would encounter should be a lot less as compared to using other third party apps. Finally, it is made with a lot of features already so that you could edit your videos to look like they are professionally made.

However, the sad thing is, it cannot really live up to the high expectations of its users. It fails sometimes. Of course, all apps crash, freeze, and go bonkers every once in a while. Sometimes they are fixable and other times, just not. With apps that you really cannot fix, then there are only two solutions, and they are to wait for the update, and to replace it with another app, as there are a lot of apps out there.

The iMovie iPad Freeze Fix

So what exactly do you do if whenever you export a movie to camera roll? Well, the thing is, this issue is a bug somewhere that hasn’t been remedied yet. There’s only one thing left to do. Export the project to iTunes instead of camera roll. From there, you could choose whether to work it out using your Mac if Mac is your computer, or transferring it to your iPhone or iPod, so you could freely export from there. Whatever works for you.

 It’s a sad fact that Apple probably skipped this issue and didn’t notice before releasing it, when this issue is only isolated to the iPad. They have already worked this out for other devices, like the iPhone or the iPod. If this is the case, then why would a presumably more advanced gadget perform less than the capabilities of lesser gadgets? This is but a mystery still. We can only but wait for the next update of the iMovie and hope that it has already resolved this issue.

If you’re having other issues with the iMovie other than this one, then why don’t you replace it instead? You’re in luck because we have already compiled a list of other video editing apps which are just as good as the iMovie (even better). You could access this post by clicking here. There are a ton of other video editing apps, but it’s only up to you what theme you would most likely use more, because a lot of these apps are theme-based, though there are also classic and basic apps that offer a bunch of themes to choose from already with just one go.