In aircel 44rs pack how can i check remaining message balance?

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In aircel 44rs pack how can i check remaining message balance?. Are You mister or misses own this kind of inquiry?, If yes then please check the solution right after below:

In aircel 44rs pack how can i check remaining message balance


Answers for this question:

Either you can call the customer service number 121 from your mobile or you can call somebody and make a quick talk and after you cut the call you will get the regular message with the current call charges and the remaining balance: KKSFuTech.


To check your Aircel balance, you can send an SMS or via phone or by dialing a combination of pound and following voice prompts.

First of is via sms:

Go to your messages and compose. type the keyword as BAL then send to 121.

Wait for a reply with the information you needed, includes expiration data.

Second, is by dialing *125# and There will be prompts in the IVR and follow the path for balance inquiry.

You can also dial the number of 123 and call. This 123 number will direct your call to a live person that can cheeck your remaining balance.


For any more details about it contact customer care at 121 in your mobile

or plz visit

for more information

thank you.


But i’m getting a message that information is currently unavailable. And to call 121 for further details. Is there any other way to know the internet usage details?


Try to connect you unit to internet. while you are connected press menu. then go to menu and find your connection manager. tahts alls.

hope it will help you.


Enable mobile data and track data usage, u can set data usage limits and warnings. for android only.


Call to customer care and tell u and said him check your eurka software.


Dial *130# – You can See All GPRS Balace Here.