In View of the 5th Generation iPod Nano from Apple

By On Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 Categories : iPod Nano
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In just about two weeks after the grand iPad Table debut, a new innovation from Apple’s novelty has sprouted. This time the company is featuring an update to the iPod contrivances — the 5th Generation of iPod Nano. What will you expect from the new iPod nano edition?

Hold on. Prior to jumping up from your seats, and rush the store to get a share of the 5th iPod Nano generation, better yet, deem with the following details, now. There is no point of rushing at this moment, though. So, you can take time to read on. Later on, you can go ahead and decide whether you should consider purchasing one item for your self or perhaps, do it later.

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How much does it cost?

Let us go straight to the point here. For practicality reasons, it is always good to have at least a hint on how much are you going to spend for such gadget to own. Just to make sure you will not be short with your budget later on.

Expectedly, since this is Apple’s novelty, it’s anticipated to cost reasonably high but not really that much compared to the hottest iPad device, obviously. The 5th generation iPod Nano has two classifications, based on its storage capacity. The device has an 8GB model and 16GB model. For the first, it would cost around $149 and the latter would cost around $179. It is classy, yet better than the others.

What about the features?

Similar to the existing iPod predecessors, MUSIC still remains to be the core function of the 5th iPod edition. The music player, in particular. Other than music, the new device is designed to store photos and play video. Moreover, the 5th iPod Nano edition is capable of storing up to four thousand quality songs, with of course, great quality sounds, without any logs. The transferring of music tracks is also better than before. A matter of this fact, the transferring of 10GB of music files would only take around 20-22 minutes. Swift, isn’t it?

As for the new feature, the new iPod nano is also embedded with a first-class video camera utility. Such video cam utility is said to perform better than expected. It is only visible via its miniature lens, with a prevailing integrated mic spotted at the back of the device. Video recording is done at 30frames per sec, with a 640by480 resolution. Not to mention, the audio capacity.

How about the design?

Though, the iPod nano 5th generation is new, the physical scheme of the device is not far from its 4th generation. However, the pinhole mic at the back, as well as the video camera lens you will see upon flipping it over, will surely make the difference.

More of the individual features and functions embedded in the 5th iPod Nano system will be revealed soon. So, you better keep posted. Check another hot rumor from apple related to ipod touch 5th generation.

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