In View of the Best Features of the Latest iPhone OS 4.0

By On Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 Categories : iphone

Aside from the iPad Tablet, another significant Apple release in the year 2010 is the latest operating system of the iPhone gadget — the iPhone OS 4.0. While the preceding iPhone 3GS restrained a lot of exciting and valuable features, there are still some glitches and limitations that require some update. And this is now fulfilled as Apple Company introduced the latest updates embedded in the OS version 4.0 of the existing iPhone. In this certain software update are the following significant features that serve as both enhancement and add-ons to the existing iPhone platform.  Read on the best features integrated in the latest iPhone OS 4.0.

The iAds Feature

The iAds feature of the latest operating system of iPhone offers users with a wide variety of information and details on specific ads featured into the iPhone. This is with the inclusion of videos or the latest movie ads, which when clicked offer a movie preview and the listings theaters currently showing the movie. This is just one valuable information the iAds feature offers. There are still a lot, actually.

The Game Feature

This feature is so far the top utility that makes the iPhone loved by the masses. Game Center allows users to play games in a more enhanced environment and process. The concept of the game center denotes social gaming networks that enable users to play with peers. Such feature makes every gaming experience more fun, as it makes possible for every user to invite other family members and friends to participate in the game. Social gamers should not miss this iPhone 4.0 software update.

Folder Management

With the latest iPhone system, users are already able to create new folders in the home or main screen. This is a lot better than digging from folders to sub-folders out of the many screens until you find the iPhone applications you want to instigate. This certainly makes the iPhone manipulation a lot easier than it typically was.

Enterprise Feature

In line with the Apple Company’s target on IT professional marketing, the latest iPhone 4.0 OS is embedded with  pertinent marketing features as such with wireless app distribution, multiple exchange account support, Cisco SSL VPN support, highly-improved data protection system and  a lot more.

The iBooks Feature

Dissemination of Information is not only limited to the company’s latest iPad but also to their latest software upgrade, the iPhone OS version 4.0. Users are then allowed to do online purchasing of their favorite books, in form of e-Books sold at the iBookstore of Apple. It is certainly making the iPhone more than just a meager phone.

All these and more exciting and valuable offers can be obtained from the latest iPhone OS 4.0. Don’t be the last to have it then!