iNomad App Review – Useful GPS Navigator For Iphone

By On Thursday, February 15th, 2018 Categories : iphone

A new tool designed especially for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G S and 3G, is the iNomad which is a useful GPS application for a traveler.

It enables a user to draw a route with their fingers and then follow that route on their trip. After the trip, one would be able to view the trip on Google Earth or in an embedded player. In between the journey this software assists the traveler with odometer, speedometer, altimeter, odometer and other some other useful information.

Features of iNomad

This app provides one with the option of Key-point route planning i.e. key-points can be set by the fingers. While one performs their other activities on the gadget trips can be recorded in the background and all the recordings can be viewed later on the iPhone. All the Maps are of autorotation (map, satellite or hybrid) & finger rotation (in a free and follow mode). It supports Full screen mode and can be used for any type of transport one wants be it foot, car, bike, aircraft, paraglider, aerostat, etc. The measuring systems are in 3 standards imperial, metric, nautical. Its unique feature is that just with the use of two fingers on the voyage screen one can activate the ruler. Further moving of the fingers it’s easy to measure the distance between two points on the journey. People can download the Google Map for offline using them on their iPhones.

iOs4 is the platform that empowers the iNomad with a multitasking support.

It has a very smooth record playback supporting variable playback speed. One can reduce the level of power consumption with disabling the Magnetometer from the settings option.

Though it has so many advantages but it could be improved further with increase in speed, stability, usability & power improvements, because one of its drawbacks is that continued use of the GPS running in the background decreases the battery life.

iNomad is available at the Apple Store at $3.99.