Install Google Plus iPad App on your iPad Tablet

By On Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Install Google Plus iPad App on your iPad Tablet

The joy on the official Google plus ipad app went to owners of iPad and iPod touch fairly quickly, because an installation on these devices did not work. The google plus app for ipad or ipod touch itself could not even be found in the App Store on each device.

Quite a shame, but there is help and that without even that does not require a jailbreak your ipad. Simply complete the following steps to install google plus ipad app:

– Download the iPhone Configuration Utility (for Mac or Windows ) and install
– Connect your ipad to the computer
– Start iTunes, go left into the App Store, find Google plus ipad app and download it (or download google plus app here)
– Start and select The iPhone Configuration Utility on the left side.
– Tab “Applications”
– Go to Top left of the program and select “Add” and browse google plus .ipa.
– This google plus app will now appear in the program list and you must simply click the small button “install” and click next

The google plus ipad app should automatically appear on your device and also be useful. You could start to connect with all of your friends in your gmail email address. Many people believe that this google plus social network will kill Facebook.