Installing the Swype Keyboard

By On Saturday, August 25th, 2018 Categories : iPad

The iPad is so much better than Android in so many ways, but if there is something that Android has that the iPad doesn’t have, it’s the neat swype keyboard. What is swype? It is a feature where you don’t need to type through tapping anymore. Instead, you can just swipe away, and the tablet is just going to figure the words that you’re trying to type. This makes typing so much easier and more convenient.

Swype however, is not accepted yet by official app stores, hence, you need to jailbreak your device first before you get to install this app to your phone. Even if Swype is well-known when it comes to this kind of technology, at present, it still available just through Cydia and nowhere else. Don’t worry though. If you’re not very comfortable nor confident in doing this, allow us to give a step-by-step guide to follow.

How to Install Swype

First off, jailbreak your iPad. There are a lot of different ways of jailbreaking your iPad, but no matter which way it is, the end part is that it should have the Cydia app available for you to access on your Home screen.There are specific jailbreaks for each iOS version, just find yours and apply the jailbreak made for you. Even beta versions have jailbreaks so there shouldn’t be any problem in finding the jailbreak for you. Once you already have your Cydia app, go to “Sources” and add “”. Wait for it for a while. It’s going to find some packages. Once done, search for iSwipe. Download and install it. After the installation process, your iSwipe should already be working, but not for all the apps though. The developers of this app are still cooking up an updated version of this that could accommodate more apps. For now, you are free to use the iSwipe on all your built-in apps, and other generic keyboard functions like text messaging and emailing.